Monster Blendz Is Now Open!

Cant find a good smoothie bar in Farmingdale? Can't find a good Protein Shake in Farmingdale? Look no further, our Smoothies are made from REAL FRUIT, not preservatives. We care about your health so we use the finest ingredients available. Our protein is 100% whey protein isolate, not the cheap smoothie bar stuff. We also make protein shakes too. Need a boost? Our huge list of raw boosters will suit every one of your fitness needs regardless of your goals. Whether you want lunch or just need a healthy snack, we're sure we have a smoothie you'll love! If not, you can always Build Your Own. Smoothies Farmingdale.

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Our New Address

We moved to a much better storefront... 319 Northwest Drive, Farmingdale, NY 11735 (inside Bank of America shopping center)

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Senator Tries to Shut Down Supplement Industry and FAILS

Natural health advocates spoke out in huge numbers—and we won! Our readers sent nearly 90,000 messages in less than 24 hours, and Congress heard you. Sen. Durbin’s anti-supplement amendment was soundly defeated today, by a vote of 77 to 20. ANH-USA would like to extend special thanks to all the allied organizations and friends who forwarded our emergency alert to their own lists. Without your help, we may not have been able to stop the amendment dead in its tracks. This was an important win. If Sen. Durbin’s last-minute, under-the-radar amendment had passed, our access to vitamin and dietary supplements would have been drastically curtailed due to a litany of unexpected and unnecessary new regulations. A big thanks to Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Tom Harkin (D-IA) for standing with us...Read More

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Farmingdale Patch Asks About Who We Are

Monster Nutrition, which opened in January of 2011, is a one-stop shop for all health products including protein powder, vitamins and state-of-the-art supplements. Owners Clayton Johnson and Darren Anselmo are both passionate about fitness and . The Monster Nutrition team is active in the community, recently starting to sponsor UFC fight nights, and began carrying gluten-free items this year. Why did you choose Farmingdale as a location? Darren: We chose Farmingale because we are close with the owners of Infinity Fitness, the facility where we are located. We are also Farmingdale natives so it worked out great. What's your most popular item? Darren: Our most popular product is protein powder. Whether you are 15 or 60, you need protein after your workout to repair muscle tissue damage. What did you do before operating this business? Darren: Clay and I were personal trainers for the last 10 years. Clayton was also a pharmaceutical rep and I worked security at local bars/clubs. How is your business handling the tough economic climate? Darren: The recession has been tough, but we were able to reach new sales goals for the last four months due to repeat business and customer referrals. People are finally catching on to what we do here and we couldn't be more happy and optimistic. Meet other business owners every week in the Farmingdale Biz Q & A feature. Farmingdale Patch On Who We Are

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We Made Top 3 of BEST of L.I. Vitamin Stores!!

Thanks to the support and effort of all of the people who support us and what we are trying to do, we came in 3rd Place in The Long Island Press's: BEST of L.I. 2012 contest!! We really want to thank all of you guys for voting for us. Only being open for a year now, this is one of the greatest accomplishments we have so far; and it was all because people like you stood behind us and what we are trying to do. As many of you know, we here at Monster really do care about getting people to their fitness goals, and THAT, is what sets us apart from all of the other stores. Speak to ANY of our customers, and they will tell you THEY are the bottom line. There is nothing we wont do to show people we really do care about their results and not a profit margin. Again, Thank You guys SO much this means the world to us!! And lookout Vitamin Shoppe, we're coming for that belt next year!!!! L.I. Press's Best of L.I.

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Please Vote For Us As Long Island Press’s Best!

We have been nominated for best Vitamin Store on Long Island by the Long Island Press. Please help us to win 1st place by clicking on the  link below>scroll down to Vitamin Stores>Monster Nutrition. Thanks to everyone who has supported us!! Long Island Press>Vitamin Stores>Monster Nutrition

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