Leucine Plus Vitamin B6 Supplements Promote Fat Loss

Leucine is an amino acid that serves as one of the building blocks for protein synthesis. It is also an important metabolic trigger that turns on chemical pathways involved in protein synthesis. A study from the University of Tennessee found that supplementing 2.25 grams of leucine and 30 milligrams of vitamin B6 increased fat use by 30 grams a day. During a 12-week weight loss study, the supplement cause twice as much weight and fat loss as a low-calorie diet. When consuming a reduced-calorie diet, a supplement containing leucine and vitamin B6 can increase weight and fat loss by 50 to 80 percent.

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Coffee Increases Testosterone

DRINKING CAFFEINATED COFFEE INCREASES TESTOSTERONE LEVELS A Harvard University study led by Nicole Wedick showed that men who drank caffeinated coffee showed increases in total testosterone and decreases in total and free estradiol (estrogen). Coffee acted as a natural aromatase inhibitor, which prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Coffee had no effect on serum hormone-binding globulin, which is important for determining the biological activity of sex hormones. (Nutrition Journal, 11:86, 2012)

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Last case of the ORIGINAL OxyElite Pro with DMAA

We are on our last case of Original (1st gen) OxyElite Pro old formula fat burner. The EXP date is 2016. We advise to stock up because this product will no longer be available. The price was increased, but this is protocol with a discontinued product that has worked extremely well. Buy Now

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Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics and Prebiotics are a type of "good" bacteria that have many health benefits. Probiotics Aid digestion, improve bowel movement, and prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying in the intestine. Probiotics can be found in yogurt while Prebiotics can be found in whole grains, bananas, onions, garlic, honey, and artichokes. Both can be found as dietary supplements. If you have issues with digestion, such as not going to the bathroom enough or going to the bathroom too much, it is advisable to incorporate this into your diet.

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Sodium May Be The Culpirt!

Trying to eat healthy? Making sure the nutrition facts say low fat and low calories? Ever wonder why you sometimes gain a pound or two even when the stats say you shouldn't? Sodium content may just be the culprit. Sodium will make cells retain water; especially fat cells. High sodium products will make you look like you've gained fat when in fact your body is simply retaining H20. Try to look for low sodium products, it will decrease water retention and help with blood pressure! Limit the addition of salt to your foods. Also, soups, soy sauce, and cured meats like salami and bacon are all very high in sodium.

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Why Do You Need Protein In Your Diet To Stay Healthy?

If you are a Dr. Oz fan you probably already know he recommends protein with each meal. This is for a variety of reasons/benefits. Protein plays a large role in your diet and metabolism to help you reach your fitness goals, here’s how… Proteins are an essential part of every organism and are involved in every process with your body’s cells. Most organisms and plants can synthesize all 20 amino’s. Every animal (including us as humans) must obtain some of these proteins (as amino acids) through your diet. This is because we cannot synthesize every amino acid needed so certain ones we call your essential amino acids must come from food. Once eaten these amino acids through digestion can now be broken down to be utilized by your metabolism. Some of these Amino Acids ingested are used towards protein biosynthesis and others are changed over to glucose for energy. On a low-carb diet this is where more of your protein will be used and eventually to support life, especially the amino acids found in muscle tissue. Amino’s are also a strong source of nitrogen. This means that when your glycogen stores (carbohydrates stored for energy) are used up your body will start to use amino acids. When the protein (which breaks down into amino acids in your blood stream) is no longer available from your last meal your body will start to digest it’s own muscle (made of proteins/amino acids). This is known as becoming catabolic which is the breaking down of muscle. Here is why bodybuilders consume protein meals every 2-3 hours to keep a positive nitrogen balance and a steady flow of amino acids to supply your muscles. This is called staying anabolic, a [...]

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