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Coffee Increases Testosterone

DRINKING CAFFEINATED COFFEE INCREASES TESTOSTERONE LEVELS A Harvard University study led by Nicole Wedick showed that men who drank caffeinated coffee showed increases in total testosterone and decreases in total and free estradiol (estrogen). Coffee acted as a natural aromatase inhibitor, which prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Coffee had no effect on serum hormone-binding globulin, which is important for determining the biological activity of sex hormones. (Nutrition Journal, 11:86, 2012)

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Last case of the ORIGINAL OxyElite Pro with DMAA

We are on our last case of Original (1st gen) OxyElite Pro old formula fat burner. The EXP date is 2016. We advise to stock up because this product will no longer be available. The price was increased, but this is protocol with a discontinued product that has worked extremely well. Buy Now

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